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Shodding is a Indian marketplace for Ethnic wear and western wear. its a home for clothing tresure of great india's colourful traditional ethnic wear like Anarkali suit, Banarsi cotton and silk sarees, upadda sarees, designer patiala cotton salwar suit, lukhnavi cotton, chiken kurti or kurta for wedding party and special occassions, designer lehngas for weddings, colourful rajasthani lehngas, gowns and endless traditional ethnic wear for womens mens and kids.
There is always a story behind the name of every culctural or ethnic dresses as Anarkali is a frok-style top and features with a slim fitted bottom was originated Anarkali Suit its name in lahore, Anarkali suit owe its name Anarkali who was a courtesan in the court of Mughals, its name Anarkali means "soft delicate bud of the fruit pomegranate or flower" signifies the beauty innocence and softness associated with womens who wore this anarkali suits. Anarkali designer suits various range is available to buy on shodding.com for wedding or any special occasion and also for daily wear use. buy Anarkali suit from shodding for a stunnig latest stylish trendy ethnic look. Anarkali suit is a must dress for your wardrobe for almost any occassion and daily wear.As Anarkali suit, Salwar suit is a world wide famous dress in punjabi dress culcture. Patiala Salwar suit is very famous in salwar suit segment, Patiala salwar suit is basically a female trouser ( also called Pattiyan Wali Salwar) worn with different type of short and long traditional shirts called "Kameez" or sometimes with the t-shirts for a cool western look. A suit patiala salwar stitched with with loats of pleats is also known by the name Patiyala Shahi Salwar suit since it was worn by the shahi (Royal) females 
of Patiyala. Patiala salwar suit is the best alternative dress to the traditional punjabi salwar suit, in Punjabi and other regions of nort india, Patiala suit is very famous because its durability and comfort specially in India's summer time. Patiala salwar suit can be wore in any type of occassion as it comes in various variety like id anyone want to buy patiala salwar suit for special occassion like wedding then its available on shodding a heavy ambroider patiala salwar suit, on the other hand if you want to buy patiala salwar suit for daily basis wearing even its available in simple but stylish designs on shodding.

As like Patiala salwar suit name root from patiala, Banarasi sari or Banarasi Saree made in Varanasi (also called Banaras) Banarasi saree is very famous and known for its silver Zari work (brocade) Gold Zari work, Silk embroidery and opulent embroidery decorated with intricate design, and because of these engravings the sarees are relatively heavier than other sarees. in Banarasi saree special characteristics are basically inspired by Mughal Designs such as intricate intertwining floral and foliate motifs kalga and bel, jhaalar (upright leaves) at the outer edge of boarder is a charactersticts of Banarasi sarees. Mina work, Jaal (net pattern), mattalic vissual effect pallus, compact weavings gold and silver work figures with small detailings is the special main attration in Banarasi Sarees. 

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